Congratulations to Jon Buikema and Brock Worley! Both were selected at random in our raffle to win a $50.00 Gift Card to Austad's. Thank you everyone for your referrals in 2017. We look forward to building on this promotion in future years!!

CRandIC Tour Referral Program

Sign Up & FAQ’s


Is there a limit on the number of people I can refer to the CRandIC Tour?

    *Absolutely not. Let’s make our tournaments as large as possible!

Who qualifies as a referral?

    * In order to be considered as an eligible referral your referral must be BRAND NEW to the CRandIC Tour. If they have already participated in one of our previous events they will not be eligible and you will not receive an entry into the prize drawing.

If my referral plays in multiple events, does that count for multiple entries into the drawing?

    *No, each referral is worth a single entry into the prize drawing.

Am I able to win both of the $50 dollar gift cards?

    *Yes. However, in order to be able to win both gift certificates you would need at least two referrals to be up for the second drawing.

Grand Prizes: Two $50 dollar gift cards to Austads Golf.

Let us know who you have referred! We will enter your name for the drawing once they participate in a CRandIC Tour event.

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